The founder an amid sportsman himself, having played volleyball for the Lebanon national team and a good sport in tennis, swimming, basketball, football, squash, ice-skating, rollers, windsurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, horse-back riding, bowling just to name a few. Led by example, his children are following their father’s love for nature and sports and already engaged in various athletic activities. Starting with humble beginnings, the foundation aims in the near future to offer sponsorships to unprivileged students wishing to follow athletic careers and sport clubs.



Faysal Mikati - Winner

Faysal Mikati a Lebanese volleyball national player from 1995-2000 participated in many Asian, Arab and Universiade tournaments in Egypt, France, Turkey, Spain, Greece and China. A passionate sportsman he also played tennis, basket ball, football, ski, entered marathons and so many others sports. He won numerous medals and tournaments locally and internationally. His love and passion for sports gave him an international perspective of the world, while getting exposed to other cultures and customs.

Cary Fukunaga

Aya Majdoub - KSA Swimming Team

Aya Majdoub was born in Lebanon in September 15th 2008. She started swimming at the age of 4 with a private trainer and at the age of 6 she joined a swimming team where she demonstrated fast performances. Her success is based on her commitment , persistence, hard training and high competing spirit.
At the age of 6 she competed in the Riyadh Regional League where she came 4th after only 3 1/2 month training with her team and she qualified to the National Swimming Championship (KSA) where she came 6th place swimming all strokes ( free, back, breast, fly and IM). Swimming for Riyadh relay team, Aya set two National Records in the 100 Medley Relay and 100 free Relay.
At the age of 7 Aya participated in the Lebanese summer National Championship age group (8-9 years) and came first in 50 meter Back Stroke winning a gold medal and 2nd in 100 meter Back Stroke winning a silver medal.
At the age of 8 Aya continued with her hard training to achieve 2nd place in the Riyadh Regional League, and 2nd place competing against more than 30 swimmers in the National Swimming Championship (KSA). Again competing with the Riyadh team she reached two National Records in 100 Medley Relay not broken since 1996 and 100 free Relay not broken since 1990. All this couldn't have been achieved if not for Aya's strong commitment,hard training and loving support from her family.

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